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HMKC members 1996



Club Awards 2003

The Helena Montana Kennel Club annually recognizes memebers and their dogs who have achieved AKC titles during the year. Awards for 2003 were presented to:


  • Susan Ayres and Spirit
  • Susan Ayres and Briar
  • Nancy Nicholson and Beckett
  • Patty Thueson and Spencer
  • Margie Kernan and Benny


  • Janice Bogey and Gus


  • Dianne Armstrong and Mattie


  • Sue Erickson and Corky (NAP, NJP)
  • Dianne Armstrong and Mattie (NA)
  • Ron Armstrong and Kelsey (NA, NAJ)
  • Christie Leone and Breezie (NAP, NJP)
  • Lyn Benedict and JoJo (NA)


  • Sue Erickson and Corky (OAP)
  • Vicky MacLean and Weezy (OAJ)
  • Vicky MacLean and Abby (OAP)
  • Jeanine Blaner and Sasha (OA, OAJ)


  • Christie Leone and Beau (AXJ)
  • Lyn Benedict and Zip (AXJ)
  • Jeanine Blaner and Sasha (AX)


  • Heidi Mann and Mikko (MX)


  • Susan Ayres and Spirit
  • Margy Kernan and Benny and Jody

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The Helena Montana Kennel Club was organized in the late 1970's and is affiliated with the American
Kennel Club.


The Club promotes responsible dog ownership by offering obedience classes for anyone and assisting in the community with various dog events.

The Helena Kennel Club is a working club whose members enjoy working with their canine partner and other club members on various projects.


The Club sponsors an annual scholarship to a student studying to become a veterinarian, donates supplies to the Humane Society, books to the local library, and promotes other worthy canine projects in our community.

As a potential member we require participation in club activities before you submit your membership application. Attendance is required at two (2) monthly meetings and prospective members must participate in two (2) of our AKC and/or community activities. We would like to get to know you and have you get to know us. By coming to our monthly meetings, other activities, and active participation you can get an idea of what the Club is all about.


If you are interested in joining this active group of dog lovers, please contact Vicky MacLean, President, at 442-1918 or Caroline Hudnall, Secretary, at 227-6945 and we will see that you get a membership packet and be there to answer your questions.

about hmkc | activities | classes | calendar | breeder referrals | contact numbers