The Helena Montana Kennel Club will host two All Breed Agility Trials October 2-3, 2004, and an Excellent only Trial October 1, 2004


Premium and Entry Forms are available on-line. For the complete Premium click here *. If you only want the Entry form, click here*.


If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, contact the trial secretary for a hard copy.

Christie Leone
301 Valley Grove Drive
Bozeman, MT 59718
(406) 338--0160

Or for more information contact:

Heidi Mann,, 406-449-2142.


Tired of your Cooper being listed as Copper? Is your he being called a she? Your address not quite right in the catalog? Give the trial secretary a break and use the entry form available here. Simply allow the form to open with Adobe Acrobat Reader* and let your mouse and keyboard do the work for you! No more trying to decipher chicken scratch for the secretary!

Click on the boxes such as Friday-first entry, Friday-second entry, etc. to indicate which days you would like to enter. Remove one of these check marks, by clicking on it again.

Enter text in several fields including, dog's name, breeder, owners, owner address, etc. by simple typing in the correct information.

Use the tab key to navigate to the next field.

The AKC Registration Number and Place of Birth will only allow you to select one of the options.

The only things you will need to do manually are circle your class(es) and jump height. Just fill in everything possible on your computer screen, print the form, add the tiny bit of information manually. Of course, you must sign the form before it can be accepted.



*This form can be filled in using Adobe Acrobat reader 4.0 or greater. Downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free download is available by clicking here.


To keep a trial running smoothly and efficiently, lots of help is needed. Sure, there's no such thing as a free lunch, but we'll provide one almost for free. All you have to do is volunteer to work a class or two. . Be sure and fill out the Volunteer form and send it in along with your entriy. If you do not wish to Volunteer, but would like to purchase lunch, please fill out the lunch form and return it with your entry.

Help support Agility in Montana! A super raffle will be held during the trial. Bring lots of cash for tickets!


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